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Shop Jamo A 360 LCR Speaker

Jamo A 360 LCR Speaker

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Our innovative, ultra-flat A 360 loudspeaker-which measures just 3.6 inches deep-combines left, center and right channel speakers in a single sleek, purpose-designed enclosure, a perfect partner for the latest generation flat screen displays. It's also designed to match the rest of the A 300 series, so you can mix and match it with other speakers from the range. Thanks to a unique tillable wall-mounting system, the bracket adjusts it upward or downward so it can be aimed directly toward the listening position. Feel free to position the speaker above or below the screen... wherever works best for you! Despite its relatively compact size, the A 360 features no fewer than six individual drive units: three 3.5-inch bass drivers plus three 3.5-inch co-axial midrange drivers, with three integral .75-inch tweeters. That means each of the channels-left, center and right, is taken care of by an individual pairing of bass and midrange/tweeter drivers, arranged in a 3 x 2.5-way closed configuration. Combine that drive unit arrangement with a 100-20,000Hz frequency response as well as a 100W power handling capacity (short-term) and there's no compromise when it comes to performance. This is a competent home cinema speaker (complete with vital magnetic shielding), even though It's one that's incredibly convenient.


  • Beautiful design matches contemporary flat panel televisions
  • Flexible mounting
  • Complete home theater in one unit
  • Compact design

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Absolutely love the speaker great sound recommended to many friends who ...
brian money

Absolutely love the speaker great sound recommended to many friends who love it to when it comes to sound bars this is a great one you can still use your receiver is a left right and center all-in-one

4 out of 5 stars Great sound and build quality in small package
Fredrik Jelf

Great sound, build quality in small(er) package and looks perfect under my TV. I use this to project the center and second set of front (read mid) channels in a 7.1 setup.

Where to Buy Hillsdale Grand Bay Small Entertainment Wall Unit - Black

Hillsdale Grand Bay Small Entertainment Wall Unit - Black

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Transitionally designed to blend easily into both contemporary and traditional décor, the Grand Bay Entertainment Console is available in two finishes to fit your needs. The smooth satin finish is available in either black, white, or brown for added versatility across many decor styles. It is constructed of solid wood with veneer and the back features knockouts for easy cable management. The console offers two glass front cabinets with adjustable shelves for storing your electronics, game systems, DVDs, and CDs.


  • Solid wood with veneers
  • 2 glass front cabinets
  • Adjustable shelves in each cabinet and pier
  • Available in a black, white, or warm brown finish

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Surprisingly excellent quality given the price!!!!!
Kevan D. Carr

Was a bit worried what $1,200 would get us considering the price of similar units from Pottery Barn etc... but this unit is great! Showed up in four huge boxes which were packaged horribly with a ton of styrafoam(our living room looks like its been snowed on...have a vacuum ready cuz the stuff sticks to the unit panels like crazy). The assembly was shockingly easy and probably took under 45 minutes. Be careful to follow instructions and get the layout correct given the symmetry. I misplaced one of the lower panels, causing the shelving holes not to line up which would have required a complete disassembly, but luckily it wasn't the end of the world. Was surprised that the top bridge piece doesn't have any attachment method, it just lays on top of some foam padding. I bought some double sided tape to hold it in place instead. The pieces are very sturdy and solid and can be easily moved away from the wall if need be. We're VERY happy with this purchase and would recommend this to anyone that's looking for a poor man's pottery barn entertainment center.

Where to Buy TechCraft SHK6428E 64-Inch Wide Flat Panel TV Credenza - Espresso

TechCraft SHK6428E 64-Inch Wide Flat Panel TV Credenza - Espresso

Buy Now from Amazon


64" Wide Espresso "Hi-Boy" credenza for flat panel TV's


  • Holds TVs up to 70-Inch
  • Doors conceal components
  • Convenient, easily accessible component slot
  • Side storage for game consoles or DVDs
  • Versatile & elegant
  • 64" Wide Espresso "Hi-Boy" credenza for flat panel TV's
  • Fits most 70" and smaller flat panel TV's

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Very Nice
A. Hall

The box was heavier than expected and pretty long. Once I got it home, the assembly was pretty straight forward. It took about an hour or so to assemble. The build quality was really good. All the pre-drilled holes lined up and all the connections felt pretty solid. The color is great and there's plenty of room for lots of components. I really like the fact it has 2 storage areas behind solid doors to put stuff you don't want to look at all the time (game console stuff, discs, etc).I was afraid the doors were not going to line up when they were closed. The floor model in the store wasn't very lined up. But after I tightened everything, it was pretty close and there are adjustment screws to get it a little closer. But, I was not able to fine tune it as well as I would've liked.Note -- I originally ordered this from Ritz on Amazon. After over a week, they contacted me to tell me the item was no longer available. They gave me a full refund and a 25$ credit to their store which has to be used within 30 days. It was a very annoying delay. The Ritz price was good, but I wouldn't recommend buying this from them. I ended up buying it from a Crutchfield store for a little more, but Crutchfield service is awesome.

5 out of 5 stars Great Find!!

After buying a new 55" Plasma our room needed a T.V. stand to accomidate this new piece of equipment. So we headed straight to Amazon to see what our options were. My wife loved this model so we thought we'd give it a try. When the box arrived it was torn to S%#T. I almost didnt accept the box it was that bad. The box was huge, weighing 125 lbs and was about 6ft in lenght. I must admit there wasn't even a single scratch or ding on any peice of wood despite the box being shredded. The setup was very easy and took about 1.5 hours to finish. The color is very nice and matches all our other pieces very well. The stand also feels very sturdy and trust it holding our new TV. After seeing some of the other reviews saying it wasnt real wood, I too was skeptical about the quality of the product. Once it was assembled I wouldn't have a second thought about buying another piece of Tech Craft furniture again. And too who ever thinks they're going to buy a solid wood TV stand for $350.00 has inhaled way to much varnish varpors. My wife and I absolutely love it and I have to admit she did a great job of picking this one out.

5 out of 5 stars Thoroughly Satisfied!
Open-Toed Beauti

I searched high and low for a stand that would accomodate my 65 inch tv. I came across this one and fell in love. I was also able to for the most part assemble it by myself with the exception of putting the top on (needs at least two people) and screwing on the doors. It looks amazing in my living room! Just a few hints for anyone thinking of buying this gorgeous piece: When assembling the bottom piece (number 12) be sure to put it on the right way. If not then the three holes reserved for the three supporting legs that fit under the bottom (WPWLG0003-EX)will be on the inside and you will think as I did that Techcraft was too lazy to put holes for the three legs. Also, when attaching the doors to the piece, it is easier to secure the bottom of the door first, it gives support for the door instead of trying to have someone hold the door steady while you try to secure the screws on the top. All in all, I am quite thrilled this gorgeous, sturdy piece of furniture!

5 out of 5 stars Great for the money... but a warning!
D. nieto

This thing is not easy to put together so be prepared. It helps to put it together with someone who is more mechanically inclined (and being good at jigsaw puzzles isn't bad either). Another reviewer complained about it being mostly particle board. This is true but once it's put together it looks amazing. Good luck finding a piece of furniture like this for anything remotely close to this price that is pure wood unless you find it at a yard or estate sale. It's feels a little wobbly as it's being put together but it's solid when completed. Tip... on the instructions there are three pegs that go into the bottom piece that are the same scale as the screws. They are not screws, they are legs but because they are the same scale as the screws in the instructions it threw us for a loop. Also, watch out for the inside walls of the cabinet (pieces 9&10). They have tiny holes for the back panels to connect on the back edges. We accidentally put them in backwards and had to dismantle a little to fix it.

3 out of 5 stars A REAL PAIN

It was very well packaged. Instructions were poor and thus it took me a loooooong time to assemble the thing.There were no predrilled holes for the side doors which made installing them very difficult. It is impossible to get one of the side doors to close properly. As others mentioned the predrilled holes for the back covers do not line up. I would not buy this again but trying to repackage it return it would be virtually impossible.Others did apparently not have the problems I did. I am just giving you the benefit of my experience.

5 out of 5 stars Great TV Stand for Large TV!
E. Smith

Had recently purchased a 70" Sharp Aquos LCD TV and needed a much bigger TV stand to accommodate the larger width. This TV stand fits the 70" TV perfectly with about a quarter inch to spare on each side and plenty deep enough. The stand includes enough storage space to fit lots of DVDs, games, accessories and the component shelves are better than cheaper stands since they have plenty of ventilation both under each shelf and at the back of the unit. I have a large Onkyo receiver that can get a little warm and it's done very well in this unit, along with my original Xbox 360 (which we all know can double as a heater) has done extremely well.Overall I am pleased with the unit. Assembly was as easy as it can get, and even the backing went on much easier than cheaper TV stands I've put together in the past. For this great price, this is a well made, sturdy, and very functional piece.

Shop Sonax ML-3609 Milan TV Bench with Real Wood Veneer, 60-Inch

Sonax ML-3609 Milan TV Bench with Real Wood Veneer, 60-Inch

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Emitting strength and class, the ML-3609 is a great addition to your living space. This television stand inspired from the Milan Collection boasts real wood uprights combined with black tempered glass. With plenty of ventilated storage space for your components and cable management, this TV Stand accommodates most HD TV’s up to 60”. Bring home this contemporary furniture by Sonax, proudly built in North America.


  • Accommodates most 50-inch - 65-inch Televisions
  • Floating tinted, tempered glass top
  • Tempered glass doors
  • Cable management
  • Real wood veneer sides

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars Appearance differs from photos, otherwise recommended (updated)
Jeffrey Pittman

(I bought this from another vendor and posted this same review there)I put this together alone today (57 yr old male) and had no trouble. You do need two people to move the box but if you cut it open, you can manage the individual pieces by yourself.Assembly is pretty painless overall (not that I enjoyed it or anything!). The instructions are mostly visual and can be vague at points - be sure to pay attention to what parts face the front of the cabinet (they should all be black) and which face the rear (they are all exposed particle board). If you are looking at your partially assembled unit from what you think is the front and you see any exposed particle board, stop and study the instructions carefully. You can easily install some components backward and they will fit just fine, unfortunately. The later you realize your mistake, the more undo/redo you have to do. The bottom slab of particle board is thicker and heavier than the top slab - I wasn't sure which was which and was hesitant to go further until I felt sure of myself. Pay attention to the not-altogether-clear indications in the photos showing the orientation of the grooves in the bottom and top slabs (they both should be on the front of the cabinet).On my unit, the wood trim pieces at either side of the cabinet are a very, very dark cherry color, so dark that they look black unless you're looking at them closely in relatively bright light. I like them better than those shown in the online photos. Also, the drawing of the cabinet showing dimensions suggests that these are grooved and look like a series of vertical slats attached to each other to make a curve. Mine are perfectly smooth, and I like that better too.Read more ›

3 out of 5 stars Needs reinforcement
C. Fisher

Assembly of the TV stand was not too difficult. Their locking mechanisms are simple. Look at the pictures closely and make sure you orient the parts correctly, black goes forward. You just need a screwdriver and something to hammer thin nails in the back. The assembled stand looks nice. I put a 65inch LED TV on it and loaded it up but I found it sags in the middle. I don't feel good about this thing taking weight. If you have even heavier equipment like a plasma TV etc. maybe try a stronger stand or try to reinforce this one.

5 out of 5 stars Great TV stand

I purchased this TV stand for my new Sharp Aquos 70" Quattro. They're matched up very well.This stand is quite stylist and well designed. Assemble with ease. Great for the money! My wifes my kids and all of thefrients give a thumb up!

2 out of 5 stars Can't handle the weight.
S. Buchanan

A very nice looking stand. A little work to assemble. But, not too bad. I have a 65" TV that weights 70 pounds and a sound bar that weighs 40 pounds. After about a year, the whole stand is sagging in the middle to the point where the back popped off and the glass on the top is bent so far I am worried it is going to crack. For a lighter TV, I think it's great. But, if you have a heavy TV, I'd try something else.

5 out of 5 stars This purchase was way to easy!

I purchased this TV stand to compliment my new Panasonic 65 inch TV. The width of the stand allows for the TV to sit on it and not overhang and the height is perfect for the bigger screens as I am looking at the middle of the TV when viewing from the seated position. It took all of about 20 minutes to assemple as the unit directions were very clear and easy to understand. The design is brilliant with those locking tension heads. I used a phillips head screw driver and that was it. The glass top is a nice touch as well as the sliding glass fronts. It is a great looking unit and I am very happy with the price as well as the speed of the delivery which came in two days prior to the projected delivery date. Way to go!

4 out of 5 stars console table
K Gaytha

I like the table very much however, had i spent more money I would have had a better quality. It serves it's purpose

5 out of 5 stars That Lucky Purchase
Albert Milano

Sometimes you just get lucky and buy the perfect product. That's this unit for me. I don't use it for a TV so it doesn't sag as others have mentioned. It serves as my stereo console and it was very easy to set up the components inside. It looks terrific.

5 out of 5 stars Nice
namon seaborn

Its a nice entertainment center but the packaging wasn't much to be desired. One of the corners of the top piece was damage when i open the box. It appears it was not covered with any kind of wrapping but with a little bit of Ingenuity, i was able to fix it.

Salamander Designs C/SO323/AC Chameleon Sonoma TV Cabinet (American Cherry)

Salamander Designs C/SO323/AC Chameleon Sonoma TV Cabinet (American Cherry)

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Sonoma, a mission-influenced style, has doors that contrast vertical wooden strips with black, micro-perforated metal inserts. Its American Cherry tone and relaxed look work especially well in transitional rooms.


  • Solid wood doors; soft-close dampeners
  • Ventilation louvers built into bottoms of cabinet segments
  • Pinch-out rear panels removeable for easy access to components
  • Features two 30" solid doors placed side by side; includes designer feet
  • Front door panels with contrast vertical wooden strips and black steel inserts

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Worth every penny!

After struggling for years with poor quality shelving for stereo equipment, we finally ponied up for the Salamander Designs Chammeleon Sonoma cabinet model C/S0323/AC.Packaging and delivery - We live in Seattle, and in our locale, the cabinet was delivered by a specialized shipping company, Pilot Freight. They called ahead and set up an appointment. I asked if they could deliver it to the back of the house, through the garage to avoid stairs. That was no problem. They called ahead, to tell me they were 45 minutes out and then called again to tell me they were here. I expected I'd have to show them how to get into the back alley, but when I went out, they were already unloading in the back. The cabinet arrived in a box that is designed to be used in conjunction with a pallet, and when moved off the pallet, it easily came apart. The top, shelves and parts were packed separately. The guys took the cabinet out of the box and placed it in the room where I wanted it, which, in my case, was just inside the garage door. They were so nice, I went to get them a tip, and by the time I got back, they had removed all the cardboard! Nice. Everything arrived in perfect condition and the delivery guys were very careful to make sure they didn't bump anything.Installation - If I have any complaint, it is with the leveling feet for this product. It is a bolt inset in the middle of the bottom of the foot wit a plastic protector over the end of the bolt. It is impossible to turn without needle nose pliers, and in my opinion, not something I will use. Putting so much weight in a small area, particularly if one has hardwood, is not a good idea. We cut some wood blocks, put felt on the bottom and used that for leveling. The rest went together very fast.Read more ›

5 out of 5 stars Beautiful, quality furniture

We are very, very pleased with this cabinet. It was almost completely assembled when it was delivered. It's a really nice piece of furniture and easily accommodates all of our AV equipment. One note: The delivery company had to phone to schedule a delivery time when someone could be home. I didn't realize that when I placed the order, but it makes sense because it is a heavy cabinet. Highly recommended!

Shop Monarch Specialties Oak Solid Wood and Veneer 48-Inch TV Console

Monarch Specialties Oak Solid Wood and Veneer 48-Inch TV Console

Purchase Now from Amazon


This solid wood and veneer TV console will be a fashionable addition to your living room, offering clean lines and ample storage space. The transitional style TV stand has a deep oak finish, with a large top surface for your television. A glass door in the center encloses two shelves that are ideal for electronic components, allowing you to use your remotes through the glass. Open shelves on the ends are great for storage of movies, games, and music. For a perfect finishing touch, this lovely piece is completed with a simple brass metal knob, tapered legs, a scalloped trim base, and can be assembled in minutes!


  • Solid wood and veneer tv console
  • Glass center door encloses two shelves for media storage
  • Open shelves at both ends

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Beautiful TV stand!

I love it and everyone who has seen it , loves it too. It is very spacious without looking cumbersome. Good choice!.

Shop JVC KWV30BT 6.1-Inch LCD Detachable In-Dash Car Receiver with Bluetooth

JVC KWV30BT 6.1-Inch LCD Detachable In-Dash Car Receiver with Bluetooth

Purchase Now from Amazon


The KW-V30BT is a 6.1" Touch Screen Monitor Bluetooth/DVD/USB Multimedia Receiver system. Using optional cables, the diverse system can display most apps from connected MHL enabled Android smart phones, iPhone 5 devices, and up to 20 apps for iPhone 4 and 4s devices ranging from Navigation, to Driving, to Music Streaming Services. Compatible iPhone 4 and 4s apps can be controlled as well. The receiver is also SiriusXM Ready, iHeart Radio compatible, Pandora Compatible, and has Built-In Bluetooth Wireless Technology.


  • In-dash DVD/CD Car Receiver
  • Peak: 50 watts x 4 channels
  • RMS: 20 watts x 4 channels
  • Double-DIN
  • 6.1" LCD touchscreen display

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Huge upgrade!

I put this in my 2011 Honda Odyssey van along with a 11" audiovox overhead DVD. I have not had an aftermarket stereo in 20 years so take this for what it is worth. I specifically bought this model for the HDMI input and mhl support.The display/operating system: It is well laid out and very intuitive. Figuring out basic functions switching inputs equalizer etc is very easy without any use of the manual. From there I handed it off to my wife and while at work she read the manual figured out how to use the DVD, and broadcast to the overhead screen etc. She also figured out how to pair it to her phone and make phone calls etc. My wife is not tech savvy. The call sound quality is very good on the blue tooth. It works well with my steering wheel controls, but there is some delay between pushing the steering wheel buttons and the receiver responding, but I suspect that is due to the universal interface and not the stereo.In the end I am very impressed. The color schemes look cool, sound is great and video is awesome. I am waiting for my MHL adapter for my Samsung to test the phone interface, I will provide and update at that time.

5 out of 5 stars Great buy! Many features.
Derek S.

So far so good, I love the radio. Just trying to get the apps to work with the iphone5, but I have hdmi working and playing videos, looks perfect! Great buy!

Screen Innovations HDTV 100" Matte White 1.1 Theater Sensation Motorized Screen

Screen Innovations HDTV 100

Purchase Now from Amazon


The luxurious 100-inch wide screen HDTV Motorized Sensation Series screen from Screen Innovations is the ultimate roll able projection screen solution for any home theater or business application. Each screen features wall or ceiling mounts along with 24" of extra black drop. Both 12 Volt and Infra red controls are included. When picture quality matters, the Motorized Sensation Series delivers the best quality and the most stunning image.


  • Super Flat Rigid Horizontal Screen Tensioning System
  • Matte White 1.1 gain screen fabric.
  • 24 of extra black screen drop.
  • 12 Volt trigger and Infra Red remote control
  • Wide 178 degree viewing cone, works well even with wide spread seating arrangements

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Excellent Screen

I purchased this 100" screen from Amazon, after reading multiple reviews about projection screens, and seeing a Screen Innovations screen at a local store. It was beautifully packed and delivered on time. The assembly itself was relatively simple - the four aluminium frames lined with black velvet aligned prefectly, and could be screw tighetened easily. The snap pins were already in place, and the screen was again very well sub-packed (they even include a pair of gloves!). The only part I found tough was snapping the screen over the snap pins. The screen has to be really STRETCHED to make it to the snap pins, and I was worried about tearing it, with the amount of pulling required. It took me about 30 mins from unboxing it to reading instructions and assembling the frame. It took another about 1 hour to snap on the screen to the snap pins. Once done, the finished screen looked really beautiful with 2 inch black velvet lined screen.Movies project very well and the viewing experience is superb. One caveat is that I needed to reduce ambient light for the contrasts to appear sharp. Once this was done, the colors, contrast and overall movie watching experience was excellent, and it did feel like being in a movie theater. My suggestion to Screen Innovations is to have a more detailed isntruction sheet with more information in it, or a link to a website about screen assembly. Final word - it is a beautiful screen and I give it an A+.

4 out of 5 stars Better than expected

I was worried about my purchase but overall I have no regrets. I had a professional put it together for me during my home theater setup so I am not sure if it would have been easy for me (being quite handy). We have been enjoying lot of movies on this screen and have had it for about 1.5years now it has been doing well so far.

5 out of 5 stars everything you need in a screen
J. Lock

screen material is excellent and the velour and aluminum frame are a sinch to put together and look great. screen does very well in semi lighted areas.

4 out of 5 stars Nice screen, but instructions incomplete

Delivered promptly. Screen went together in about 30 mins with two people. Make sure you have plenty of room as you have to feed metal tension bars (sticks) through pockets and you do not want to fold the screen, ie you need about double the space as the size of the screen. I bought the 110” screen which has a top and bottom bracket to attach it to the wall. The instructions have a matrix that shows how far apart to space the top and bottom bracket for about a dozen different screen sizes, but not the 110” size. Not helpful at all and the reason it does not get 5 stars. For about $650 you’d think the instructions would include the size you actually bought. For those who have a size covered by the instructions, the distances are in mm which is annoying because most people don’t have a metric tape measure. The screen sizes are in inches after all. I just went without the bottom bracket. Seems rigid and sturdy and light enough just to use the top one. The other annoying point is that the company’s logo is on the front in reflective letters, not appropriate for a movie screen. They easily peel off though.

4 out of 5 stars So far so good

Love it. Movies are sharp on the screen. It looks good in the home theather. Easy to assemble. Only con, is to mount on the wall. Once it snaps, it is difficult to remove. But well, when you have house with small kids it is good to be snapped and not keep dangling.So far so good .... Definetly recommended.

5 out of 5 stars Guaranteed, Highest Quality for the price.

Its no Black Diamond, but the quality is amazing. I haven't seen an image displayed on the screen yet but let me say, just looking at it, it's awesome!From UPS dropping it off to full assembly was about 20 minutes and I took my time. I'd be surprised if anyone said it took them more then 40 minutes to put it together. Just by looking at how small and simple the manual is you can tell SI products are designed with the consumer in mind and not like Elite screens that are built at the cheapest price, with minimal quality control, so they can be sold for less.I was considering an Elite screen for a lot less but when I read the reviews saying how annoying and drawn out the assembly was and how some people had wrinkles, defects or blemishes in the screen, I started thinking that I'd rather spend a little extra money on a screen that will be simple to put together, of high quality and made by a company that stands by their products. Screen Innovations is the Apple of projection screens in my opinion, user oriented and made correctly the first time around.Sorry I don't have any thing to say about screen picture quality(haven't got the projector yet) but because it is one of their most inexpensive screens I'd assume its on par with most screens under $500.00

Buy Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8345 Projector

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8345 Projector

Get it Now from Amazon


Product Description From the Manufacturer Home Cinema Projectors Full HD 1080p Home Entertainment at a Remarkable Value.

Get bold, big-screen entertainment at home with the Platinum Edition home theater projector. Delivering 1800 lumens of color brightness and 1800 lumens of white brightness (light output)1, using Epson's 3LCD, 3-chip technology, it projects brilliant images with true-to-life color. This 1080p performer takes cinematic adventures to an entirely new level — presenting movies, sports and videogames like you've never seen before. And, two HDMI ports offer convenient connectivity for incredible HD content. With efficient filtration built in, this projector is also easy to own and maintain. The Platinum Edition home theater projector will make your home the hottest ticket in town, delivering vivid, high-definition adventures. Key Features Up to 3x Brighter Colors with Epson*

Brilliant image quality requires high color brightness. Epson 3LCD projectors have up to 3x Brighter Colors than leading competitive projectors*.

Bright and Colorful

Amazing color brightness for brilliant image quality.

E-TORL lamp

E-TORL lamps maximize your presentation time, while minimizing your costs.

Cutting-edge connectivity

Two HDMI ports for connecting all your favorite devices.

Rich, vibrant color and reliable performance

3LCD, 3-chip technology and C2 Fine technology

Quiet operation

Low fan noise (just 22dB) so you can focus on your movies and more. Sharp, crystal-clear detail

1080p resolution and a contrast ratio up to 25,000:1

Full HD, 1080p home theater experience

A cinematic experience at home.

Image up to 300"

Larger-than-life entertainment in your own home.

Product Description & Features

• One measurement of brightness is not enough — look for both high color brightness and high white brightness

   The PowerLite Home Cinema 8345 has:
      Color Brightness: 1800 lumens1
      White Brightness: 1800 lumens1

• Rich, vibrant color and reliable performance — via a USB thumb drive

• Full HD theater experience — a cinematic experience at home

• Stunning picture uniformity and positioning flexibilty — state-of-the-art Fujinon lens with a 2.1x zoom ratio

• Smooth gradations — for a realistic viewing experience

• Ideal for fast-action movies, TV shows — high-speed auto iris adjusts light output up to 60 times per second

• Easy maintenance — convenient dust filtration system with large surface area for greater efficiency

• Outstanding support — one-year parts-and-labor limited warranty

*Compared to leading 1-chip DLP business and education projectors based on NPD data, July 2011 through June 2012. Color brightness (color light output) measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Color brightness will vary depending on usage conditions.

1 Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4; white light output measured in accordance with ISO 21118.

"Our Price" is for purchases directly from Epson. Dealer Prices may vary. All prices are in U.S. Dollars.


  • Up to 3x Brighter Colors with Epson
  • Color Brightness: 1800 lumens
  • White Brightness: 1800 lumens
  • Lens shift for flexible installation
  • 1080p Full HD; up to 25000:1 contrast ratio
  • Support and 90-day lamp limited warranty
  • Two-year projector limited warranty

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Great Budget 1080p Projector
E. Byers

This projector is kind of an interesting model, seemingly showing up to fill a gap in a price range and maybe not much else. It's essentially the Epson 8350, specs line up almost 100%.I've had quite a few projectors over the last few years, the last being the Epson 3020e, which is currently my home theater projector. This projector is a lot alike, and at the same time different.Here's some bullet points from my observations.* No 3D support. I think 3D is a gimmick, my other projector supports it, and it has been used a few times, and probably not for a year. However if you want it, and want to pay a bit more for a projector that supports it, look elsewhere.* Size. This is a quite large home theater projector. Designed to be ceiling mounted. The white blends in nicely, I like the style of this projector, modern and can blend in well.* Noise. It's very quiet, you can hear the iris if you sit below it, but if it annoys you can easily turn it off (Only have about ~10 hours on this so far, and no auto iris issues or notices)* Lumens. It's not the brightest projector, with 720p projectors in the same class hitting over 2k lumens, and a lot of home theater projectors getting close to 3000. I'm guessing if you have a mostly dark room, you'll never notice. For me running on eco mode (which is slightly dimmer but saves the bulb) was fine.* Tilt S*** Lens. Wow, first projector I have had that has had this feature. It's amazing, lets you correct positioning issues. If you have a slightly off area where you need to mount the projector, or you don't want to move the table around to position it, this is awesome.* Picture Quality. Colors, whites and darks were great.Read more ›

5 out of 5 stars Identical to the 8350
N. DiPasquale

I'm very happy with the 8345, even though I'm only ~15 lamp hours in so far. The image is bright even against my bare wall on low power, and is very easy to position the screen in a few minutes. I'm throwing the image about 15 feet onto a 120" screen and amazed by the picture as this is my first projector.It is important to note that this is essentially identical to the 8350, which sell as the 3600 (8350) and 3200 (8345) in non-US countries:[...]Given that they're the same projector, you can also refer to the numerous review on the 8350.

4 out of 5 stars (1.5 yr review) Good bang for the buck, not completely without issues.

I bought this based largely on reviews. Here is my 1.5 year concise review. All items ranked 1-5, 5 being the best.Picture: 5Brightness: 4 (I use in my living room and did install blackout pull downs for the windows to make it better during the day when in use).Lamp: 5 (so far I have 1605 hours on the first bulb. Note, this is my primary TV now so I use it nearly every day, maybe that increases the lamp life).Quality: between 3 and 4.Here are my issues:1. I have had the 'Auto Iris' issue on about 10 occasions. It has never left me stranded but is un-nerving. I find if you move the projector it is more likely to happen. I was using in more than one location (in the garage for picnic's) but it appears to make the auto iris issue come up. Not it stays in the living room on a high ceiling shelf with lots of air flow room. I have not seen the auto-iris error message pop up in about 6 months so that is good news.2. The remote power button bit it. I thought it was the projector and fortunately it was not. I now need to use the cable remote to turn on the projector.Overall I am very pleased. I am anticipating a bulb replacement very shortly. It appears that is a couple bucks. For the money though, how can you beat a 110" 1080p screen in your living room...

5 out of 5 stars Prepare to never go back to a regular TV screen
Terrence A.

The main issue I have with this absolutely amazing projector from Epson is that once you see what it's capable of, you'll immediately realize that you'll probably never settle for less in terms of a viewing screen.First off, the picture is so bright and clear that I couldn't help but be surprised when I turned it on. It's just as bright as my normal television, only clearer as it outputs in 1080p. In my experience with projectors, I've always felt that they maintained a somewhat washed out look, even with minimal light. Not so with the Powerlite 8345. The image won't necessarily look fantastic if you're in a brightly lit room naturally but in a moderately lit room, this thing performs incredibly well. If you've got this thing running with the lights all the way down, the picture looks nothing short of miraculous.The projector also runs very quiet. I haven't mounted it from my ceiling yet as I plan to so for the time being, I have it set up on top of a bookshelf next to my couch and even with it being that close to me, I never noticed it or felt distracted by it, which is a huge plus. There are plenty of features to fiddle around with so calibrating this to your exact specifications shouldn't be an issue in any way. Also really liked how much room the lens gives you to play with, as you can use the positional dials to shift it around a fair amount until you get it right where you want it.At this point in time, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this product. I honestly feel like I've entered an entirely new realm as far as home theater setups go. I'm currently projecting on a wall painted with a flat white matte paint and the results go far beyond acceptable.Read more ›

Shop WorkFit-S. Single LD Sit-Stand Workstation

WorkFit-S. Single LD Sit-Stand Workstation

Purchase Now from Amazon


WorkFit: The platform for balance and productivity Transform any surface into a personalized stand-up desk. Change from a sitting to a standing position and back again whenever you want. This height-adjustable workstation moves your keyboard and an LCD display in one simple motion, making computing comfortable for prolonged periods. Benefits Counterbalanced adjustment points allow instantaneous, tool-free re-positioning while you work! Easily and simultaneously lift your keyboard and LCD screen to the proper height for unsurpassed ergonomic comfort Flexible, open-architecture design is scalable for future computer equipment Promote fitness and comfort as you compute by standing more and adding movement into your work routine Patented Constant Force lift technology provides fluid, one-touch adjustments of the keyboard and monitor positions for personalized computing Comfortable computing offers provable ROI on investment—healthcare costs and missed time are reduced while productivity increases Burn more calories by choosing to stand for periods of your work-day. WorkFit can help counteract an increasingly sedentary lifestyle Specifications LCD Size Capacity Lift Tilt Pan Rotation VESA ≤ 24" 6–16 lbs*
2.7–7.3 kg 23"†
58 cm 30° - 360° MIS-D
Add on the Notebook Tray accessory to integrate a laptop In the box: height-adjustment column, desk clamp, LCD pivot, keyboard tray with left/right mouse tray * Weight Capacity: Maximum load on height-adjustment assembly = 24 lbs (11 kg). LCD pivot capacity = 6–16 lbs (2.3–7.3 kg) † Lift Range: LCD and keyboard adjust 18" (46 cm) in tandem; LCD adjusts 5" (13 cm) independently; maximum LCD height adjustment = 23" (58 cm) Desk Clamp attaches to surface edge .47" to 2.4" (1.2 to 6 cm) thick NOTE: Because mounting surface materials can vary widely, it is imperative that you make sure mounting surface is strong enough to handle mounted product and equipment Can be configured to hold a laptop; also order accessory Notebook Tray (part number 50-193-200) Keyboard tray includes mouse tray that installs on left or right Durable, easy-to-clean exterior composed of aluminium, high-grade plastic and powder coated painted steel Mounting Standards: VESA FDMI MIS-D, 100/75, C (hole pattern: 100 x 100 mm & 75 x 75 mm) NOTE: Computer systems mounted on a WorkFit-S may require extra long power and video cables in order to span between standing and sitting heights WorkFit-S
Comparision 33-341-200 33-340-200 33-344-200 33-342-200 33-350-200 Mounting Application Dual monitors LCD & laptop Heavy display Single monitor Single monitor Maximum Screen Size 22" 22" 30" 24" 24" Monitor Weight Range 6–14 lbs each 6–16 lbs 16–28 lbs 6–16 lbs 6–16 lbs Notebook Weight Range N/A ≤ 10 lbs N/A N/A N/A Sit-Stand Adjustment YES YES YES YES YES


  • Counterbalanced adjustment points allow instantaneous, tool-free re-positioning while you work
  • Burn more calories by choosing to stand for periods of your work-day.
  • Maximum LCD height adjustment of 23" (58 cm) for premium comfort
  • For displays 6-16 lbs. (2.7-7.3 kg)
  • Maximum LCD height adjustment of 23" (58 cm) for premimum comfort

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars Minor Tweaks and it would be Perfect!

I would have given this five stars, except for a few minor issues.First, there is no way to adjust the distance from your face (I wear glasses) to the screen. I may have to get new glasses, because the screen is now further away than the focus distance for my glasses.Second: They need to include holes on both sides of the riser post for the twist ties that contain the cords. Don't know why they'd assume ALL CPUs are positioned to the left of the workstation. My CPU is on the right and there's no way to change that.Third: Even though I checked the weight of my monitor, the spring that holds it "in tilt position" is too weak. I have to put a piece of folded cardboard under the monitor base to stop it from tilting forward at the top.Last: The raised edge on the mouse tray hurts my wrist. I've had to add a mouse pad even though I use a trackball mouse.These are not deal breaker issues. Overall, I am very pleased with the workstation and I'm delighted to have the option of standing for at least part of my day. I'm working on increasing the length of time I can do that.I bought this to help eliminate a long-term problem with sciatica that I developed from sitting at a computer for 8+ hours each day. I'm already noticing improvement, so I'm a happy camper!Would I recommend it? You bet! I'm just hoping Ergotron reads these reviews and makes some minor changes to eliminate the issues.

4 out of 5 stars Happy I got it but kind of pricey and not "upgradable"
Mr & Mrs K

I AM glad that I bought this. I've had it for several months at my home office and I stand probably half the time. It feels better on my back and body to have this option.I do think that the price is high, but hey, I bought it. It's the only product available to do the job.I'm 6'4" and I was very concerned that, like most things in this world, it wouldn't be big enough for me. At $400 I was trying to be very sure by using the measurements listed to estimate the fit. Eventually I gave up. It is a little too short for me. I find myself standing with my feet far apart to bring my head down to the level of the monitor. I wish they made it a few inches taller.I also wish that the only difference between the different models (single monitor, monitor/laptop, dual-monitor) was the connecting bracket. I might one day like to upgrade to two monitors, but not if I have to spend an additional $400 for a new one!

4 out of 5 stars Great customer service

When we set up our WorkFit station, our computer screen kept sliding down (it's supposed to be height-adjustable). I called customer service, and the tech I talked with was amazingly helpful. He said the spring just needed to be tightened, described the allen-wrench-like tool to use (it had been included in the package), and talked me through finding the screw/thingy to tighten. He stayed on the phone while I worked on turning the wrench, assured me that it takes several turns and to be patient, and waited until I got it done and checked the screen adjustment. The fix was easy and it worked like a charm. He was never impatient, used non-technical descriptions, and helped me get my WorkFit working perfectly. Thank you!

5 out of 5 stars great product!
Pierette D. simpson

The Ergotron WorkFit-S has changed my work space, therefore my habits. I now stand a lot, which is better than sitting all day! Of course, when I do decide to sit, I simply slide down to monitor and keyboard, and in seconds I'm sitting.The product is very sturdy, practical and functional. I'm very grateful it exists!I highly recommend it.

5 out of 5 stars Love standing and my neck and back feel great!

In November 2011 a neurosurgeon recommended a four level cervical disk fusion due to neck problems. I decided to try alternative therapies, including acupuncture, gentle chiropractic with the "activator" method, and massage. I bought one of these as my neurologist recommending standing at work (I am on the computer all day long.) I have now been standing for six weeks and I love it! Today as I was leaving my office I looked over at my Ergotron and said to myself, "I love you." I have more energy, my lower back and neck feel great, and I have found I move around and interact with staff more due to the freedom of not having to get up and down from a chair. I also bought the optional desk surface accessory that goes with it and that makes it even better! Occasionally I take a break from standing and sit on an exercise ball with the Ergotron lowered to desk height. I also use a thick rubber mat to stand on. I highly recommend this unit, it was easy to assemble, it's very well made and it is very, very easy to raise and lower. I'll try to post a photo later. I have a 21.5" monitor with this unit.

5 out of 5 stars Life Saver
Forbidden Planet

Suffering from back/shoulder pain due to computer work? Get this! I'm 6'1 and have been using this for 18 months. I did a lot of research and the options are limited. For the price/value this unit is pretty great. Made out of sturdy metal where it counts I use it at a ratio of about 30 minutes standing for every 2-3 hours sitting. Alongside daily back-strengthening exercises I've been pain free for about a year. Yes, I wish it extended another 3" between the top of the monitor and the keyboard but otherwise perfectly designed. It took me about 2 hours to assemble but I ran into no major roadblocks.

Sylvan Ridge LCT62SR28 62-Inch A/V Credenza TV Stand

Sylvan Ridge LCT62SR28 62-Inch A/V Credenza TV Stand

Get it Now from Amazon


62" wide credenza, crafted from birch veneers and solid woods. Accommodate up to a 70" flat panel television. Finished in a warm walnut finish. Quick assembly with No Tools Required.


  • 62" Wide Credenza in Walnut
  • Solid wood and real wood veneer in a walnut finish
  • No tools required assembly - from out of the box to fully assembled in about ten minutes

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Well Made piece of furniture
Seb T.

Solid wood (not press-board) all around except for interior shelves. Fits 60" TV with plenty of space on both ends and looks really nice. Doors on front are glass and center shelf is glass (tempered). Easy to put together no tools required. Very solid and not cheaply made. Came well packed with no damage to the unit. Very happy that we picked this design and cabinet. Color of the cabinet is also very nice and a little darker than pictured but pretty much the color style presented in the picture attached. Also has enough room for extra components and openings in rear for cables and venting.

4 out of 5 stars Nice piece of furniture for a good price
Amazon Customer

Bought this for my 60 inch TV which fits nicely with a couple inches to spare on each side. As another reviewer noted it is a bit darker than pictured but I like the color. The aerated shelving are great for my media PC and game consoles. I also have a deep receiver that fit with plenty of room to spare. Plenty of space. Very easy to assemble, it actually took longer to unpack. Very heavy and good solid wood with a veneer finish. The shelves have more of a compressed wood feel to them and are light compared to the rest of the stand. The height is pretty high so be aware that your tv may not be at eye level if you have a lower couch.Only knock is the stand had some slight damage on one corner due to the shipping, by the time it made it to my door some of the stand was actually exposed, so the packaging could have been better. In the end the price for this size stand and quality wood is hard to beat. Most other stuff out there is particle board junk or overpriced solid wood.

5 out of 5 stars Some assembly is required!
L. Reed

So, it does require some assembly, however it was a breeze. Very well made. I did use a rubber mallet to get some of the pieces together. I would say it took about 20 minutes to assemble. Also, the box arrived damaged however the pieces were so well packed nothing was broken or scratched.

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